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When is Hanukkah 2016

Hanukkah (Chanukkah) 2016 will be on the date of

Saturday 24th December 2016 till Sunday 1st January 2017

About Hanukkah

Every time December comes out with” Hanukkah”. It calls for a celebration. It feels like the year is full of festive appearances. It is like any other Jewish celebration and falls in between November and December. Often it overlaps with Christmas. It will take you back many a miles to feel cherished. It is the perfect meaning for multiple celebrations.

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It is the eight day of Jewish celebration often means re-dedication. According to this scenario, the legend Jews had risen up against the “Greek-Syrian”. It actually means dedication in Hebrew as prescribed in the Hebrew calendar. This is often called the festive season of lights, gifts and food.

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