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What Is Hanukkah & When is Hanukkah
Inspiration for celebration:

Every time December comes out with” Hanukkah”. It calls for a celebration. It feels like the year is full of festive appearances. It is like any other Jewish celebration and falls in between November and December. Often it overlaps with Christmas. It will take you back many a miles to feel cherished. It is the perfect meaning for multiple celebrations. It is the eight day of Jewish celebration often means rededication. According to this scenario, the legend Jews had risen up against the “Greek-Syrian”. It actually means dedication in Hebrew as prescribed in the Hebrew calendar. This is often called the festive season of lights, gifts and food.


Hanukkah was discovered during a confused period of Jewish history.

The place Judea was ruled by Antiochus 3 around 200 B.C. As s ruler, he allowed all Jews to live for their religion. But his son happened to be less kind to them as his father did. According to sources, he banned the Jewish religion and ordered them to worship Greek Gods. But the massacre happened to be the worst in around 168 B.C when his soldiers mass murdered thousands of people there by destructing the second temple in Jerusalem.

This injustice created a revolution in Jerusalem. The Jews led by the priest Mattathias and his five sons, declared a mutiny against the king. But Mattathias died around 166 B.C by which his son “the hammer” took the charge. He along with supporters had successfully single-minded the “Greek-Syrian “out of Jerusalem. Judah called his supporters to perform safeguard activities in the second temple. It was then recreated with great passion to light its all seven branches which represents knowledge and conception. These lights were meant to light every night.

The miracle:

The honour and pride of “Hanukkah” is a symbolic enlightment to the conduct of “Judas and his followers.”All of them had witnessed a miracle what they could not believe. The second temple was shinning like anything and the miracle was seen. The temple was designed with candles to light for a single night as there was no means of olive oil. The temple was streaming up to eight nights. This was glistening so nicely that one would have imagined it to be like that. This ponderous event made this Jewish festival followed by rededication and proclaiming it to be a festival of all seasons. The Jews and his followers described it as an eight day celebration.

There are some other interpretations related to this festive season given by some modern purist. They often regarded it as a civil war between two troupes of Jew. One was a believer of Jews traditionally, and the other was a follower of “Greek-Syrian” custom. But in the end it followed with the win of traditional one. The control and power in Jerusalem came back again to its dynasty there by maintaining law, supremacy and a ”presume kingdom” of all time. One of the great aspect is that the first “Hanukkah” was not celebrated in which the Jews and followers were engaged with revolution. This is one of the festive seasons of Jewish holiday in which seven day feasting, prayers are being performed.

The Hanukkah celebration grounded around the shinning of a nine-branched menorah. On each day of the menorah another candle is added after sunset. In addition to that a ninth candle is helping to light eight candles. Jews give blessings during this regard by exhibiting the Menorah in a window which scripts the miracle. In other things to follow traditions “Hanukkah” foods are fried in olive oil. In recent times,  “Hanukkah” is celebrated with great pleasure and indeed is a mercantile event.

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