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When is Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day 2014 will be between the dates of

Sunday 11th May 2014

About Mothers Day

A Mother’s Day is a very special celebration to honor every wonderful mother’s all over the globe. This celebration is made on variant days in several parts around the world and it’s usually by the months of May, April and March. Mother’s Day special celebration is an invention by an American, this motherhood and mother’s celebrations which have never plunged and happened all over the world form thousand years ago.

History of Mothers Day

During this celebration all the youngsters, teenagers, early 20’s, matured ones and all the sons and daughters in the whole wide world prepares special presents, gifts, surprises and special preparations

for their one and only mother who dedicates their love and heart to bring up all their children to become a better person.

In this modern holiday the Mother’s Day used to be celebrated first in 1908, while Anna Jarvis held commemorative memorial of her beloved mother in America, and began her campaign for a “Mother’s Day”, now a well-recognized holiday in United States of America. Though she made success in 1914, she was a bit frustrated with the commercialization on 1920’s. Since then Jarvis Mother’s Day celebration was adopted and embraced by other countries and now celebrated all over the globe.

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