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When is Ramadan 2014

Ramadan 2014 will be on the date of

Saturday 28th June 2014
or Sunday 29th June 2014

* Subject to moon sighting and Muslim committee members worldwide

About Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most auspicious occasions in Muslim religion. This occasion appears in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Commonly known as the month of fasting,

as per the declarations in the Holy Script of hadith, this occasion is major stand on the biographical episodes of the celestial appearance.Fasting is one of the mandatory events that actually contemplate the actual purpose of the festival. As per Islamic religion this activity is considered as wajib or an obligation towards the rituals of the cultural inheritance. The normal procedure of fasting usually takes place from dawn to sunset, within which, all individuals refrain from consuming any food, confectioneries or even drinking.

The procedure not only limits to adults, but everyone, except those who are undergoing any type of medical condition, that may contradict with the attempt. This usually bears a set of objectives which one needs to accomplish in the festival.

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